1. Baby Face

It all started when I was a baby.  Cute – just like everybody else, but some things were different.  I was born in Pakistan with albinism, causing my skin to be white.  The albinism also causes a lack of pigmentation in the retina of my eyes, making me legally blind.

2. Geeking-Out

The social isolation from my differences and disabilities had me spend most of my time on computers.  In grade 3 they wouldn’t let me touch them because I might press the wrong keys.  But by age 13 I was taking grade 12 computers, taught grade 13, helped to create a bio-medical patent, and raised $1.5 million for a dot-com start-up.

3. The First Home

Personal development programs and courses had turned my life around.  I fundraised over $30,000 during my youth to do exchanges all over the world.  Amongst the financial literacy I acquired, was the foresight to move out of government housing and buy a home with my family.

4. The First Book

I wanted to become a motivational speaker.  Then I quickly learned that organizations don’t hire speakers, they hire experts.  And, the way most become an expert, is to publish a book.  Now, for a guy who hated to read and only read several books in his life from cover-to-cover, this was a daunting task.

5. The Book Signing

I did it!  My book got national distribution and I became a best-seller.  I did several speaking tours and loved it.  My exposure and influence grew, but my bank account was shrinking.  Information technology definitely paid better.

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6. Ordinary Words Inc.

I had to create a brand.  I realized that many people are overwhelmed by the choices of personal development programs.  What did they all have in common?  These programs are all about becoming conscious of language.  And so I created Ordinary Words Inc.

7. Inspirational Entertainment

I felt that many of programs were too institutional, wanting people to sit for hours to get a lecture.  Today, people need to be entertained with professional performers and artists.  For example, I worked with Stuart Knight to produce hit shows like SHIFT and I DECIDE, which ran in Toronto every week for three years.

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8. A Friendship Slut

I loved all the partying and decided to use my albinism as a way to stand-out.  We created Friendship Slut parties where we guaranteed you would meet 10 new people that you liked, and one person that you didn’t.

9. Wellness Parties

Like integrating personal development with entertainment, I now wanted to integrate wellness with all sorts of social events.  I started Wellness Parties, where we have all sorts of holistic practitioners enjoying their healing arts as they dance the night away…

10. Underground Love

The next experience was “Underground Love”.  Benjamin Jordan, my photographer friend took these amazing shots of underwear models all over the Toronto Subway system.  I added inspirational quotes to each image, and we launched an art exhibit and dance party!

11. Body Art

Another friend, Tushar Unadkat, asked me if he could photograph my body for an art show.  I said yes, and THEN he asked if I could be nude.  I’m so open, that I agreed, and I was blown away by all the tasteful and beautiful images he captured.

12. China

Well, I didn’t make it as a model or an art producer.  But my book did get translated to Mandarin (Chinese) and I got a great trip out of it.  Maybe this was a sign?  Should I stop all my crazy entrepreneurial ideas and go back to basics?

13. Live Your Dreams!

Like most people in the personal development industry, I decided to produce live events, marketing other speakers and programs.  And it worked!  In one day, we had 500 people attend, and cash-flowed $60,000 in one day.  But it too didn’t last.  I think it was a combination of timing, and not wanting to use traditional marketing methods that I didn’t resonate with.

14. Humanity Unites Brilliance!

I always loved network marketing and envisioned a humanitarian organization that would have charitable giving as its core product in an MLM.  I didn’t have the capital to create this, but when I found out about Humanity Unites Brilliance, I built one of the biggest organizations in Canada.

15. Celebrity Friends

While I did make some money, and collectively we raised over a million for charity, I’m no longer with them.  That experience, however, got me in touch with some amazing people like my mentor, Raymond Aaron, Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Michael Beckwith (The Secret), and Marcia Martin (Transformational Leadership Council).

16. All Communications Network

Isn’t life ironic sometimes?  Today, my passive income is generated through another network marketing company, A.C.N.  They provide essential home services everybody needs, and with an organization that does half a million dollars of volume every month, I get to spend my time now doing only what I love.

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17. Awakening Matrix

This is what I love: Coming up with ideas and concepts that accelerate the awakening of the planet and the transformation of humanity.  The Awakening Matrix illustrates how some people want to meditate their way to changing the world, while others take massive action everyday with entities that have corrupt hidden agendas.  The Awakening is becoming conscious of what we did not know before and creating our future collectively.

18. Global Information Network

For the first time in human history, 30 of the highest ranking members of “secret societies” have created a new movement called The Global Information Network. They see most of the elite as parasites living off of humanity, and want to change that--using their knowledge and power to fuel the awakening we have all been waiting for.

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19. The Social Network

I’ve always been a techie, so this is where I live.  Facebook is the new web site, and I can communicate real-time to thousands of awakening people simultaneously.  Come, interact with me and let’s love the world together...

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20. The Love Movie

With everything I’ve done in my life, the most successful, and the one I’m most proud of, is The Love Movie.  Seen by millions of people across a hundred countries, it answers the question, “What Is Love?”.  And it answers it in under three minutes.

The Love Movie